Henderson Kat Inn has been pampering your feline friends for over 45 years. That is a lot of cats!

The People

Peter and Jannine Lee and family took over the cattery on 31 March 2015 from Tracy and Adam, who moved to the deep south.

As well as Jannine and Peter there are their 2 children, Jhia (aged 8) and Kael (aged 7) and 3 resident cats Flynn,Belle and Scabbers as well as small dogs Toto and Noodle (who live in the back grass garden).

Jannine operates the Cattery Sunday night to Friday night, and our staff member Chloe operates it Saturday morning and Sunday morning

The Lodgings

All the cats have their own cubby where they sleep and are fed, this way we can keep an eye on how much they’re eating.

After breakfast they’re free to roam and get on with their cat business.

We provide many different environments so there’s something for every puss, even the fussy ones.

We have cosy indoor corners and couches to curl up on, secure exercise areas, shade sails which double as comfortable hammocks, and bright airy spaces with plenty of hidey holes for playing, sunbathing and lazing around.

The Menu

Our menu consists of dry biscuits for breakfast and Chef for dinner.

If your cat has special dietary requirements, you are welcome to provide the food which we’ll feed at no extra charge.

Fresh water is available at all times.