Here are some reasons why our cattery is the best place to have your puss pampered

  • Our surroundings are quiet, and pleasant with a covered outdoor exercise area so your cat is free to run around, or laze around, as they wish.
  • Your Cat has its own cubby to sleep and eat in, unlike some catterys with shared sleeping and eating areas.
  • We upload photos of your cat everyday to our facebook page, so you can see how good a time it is having.
  • Quality food – We use brands that have been proven to appeal to cats taste and nutrition. We don’t cut corners when it comes to your animal’s welfare.
  • No extra charge for special diets.
  • No extra charge for medication.
  • Free travel cage storage.
  • If your cat needs the vet we’re not going to spend any time mucking around! We will try to contact you to let you know what is happening and then we will take them to our local vet. Our first priority is always the animal’s welfare.
    We use and recommend
    Henderson Vet Clinic -
    Swanson Road Vet Clinic -
    Western After Hours Vet Clinic -
  • Free no obligation viewings available during morning opening hours.
  • All cats are given daily attention to make sure they’re settling in well.
  • We are committed to recycling – Used litter is used as fertiliser on one local farm and left over food is fed to pigs at another